The disposable gloves sent by the take-away, can not touch the oily food!


Disposable gloves we often use, on the usual order a pizza, fried chicken, the store will also help you prepare a disposable gloves, but the store to prepare the gloves, every time you wear, and seems not completely wear.

I have often encountered this situation, I want to gracefully chew a chicken leg, the results of the meal or a handful of oil, seriously check the gloves, it is not broken ah! What is happening in between?

Different materials of disposable gloves

PE material / PEC material


Takeaway store for you to prepare, the vast majority are PE material disposable gloves, because this material is the cheapest disposable gloves.

PE glove material is polyethylene, its own gap is actually very small, large oil molecules are no way through it.


However, the glove is composed of many polyethylene molecules through a certain arrangement, they will exist in the middle of the gap, the glove is pulled by external forces, the gap will become larger, so that part of the oil molecules can pass through the glove.

Another reason is that the polyethylene molecule, it has its own lipophilic group, so when it encounters the oil in the food, it will melt with the oil and penetrate from the outside of the glove to the side that touches the hand, so the oil will successfully “unknowingly” stick to your hand.


In general, PE gloves are not suitable for direct contact with oily food, it is also not close to the hand, not suitable for cutting vegetables and other scenarios, but it has an advantage in price, simple cleaning at home, handling some less oily food is possible.

TPE material

This material is based on Sebs as the raw material, using injection molding, calendering and other processing methods to produce TPE cast film gloves, is a thermoplastic elastomer, both plastic and rubber characteristics. It is also one of the more popular disposable gloves on the market now.


It belongs to the translucent, and PE comparison, better elasticity, and corrosion resistance, oil resistance, not easy to break, feel good and other characteristics.


That’s why it’s a good choice for contacting food, shivering a crawfish at home, mixing a cold dish, and a noodle, you can use it.

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Post time: Apr-17-2023