PE Bags

  • Trash Bag-Gusset Bottom FlatT-Shirt Bag WPP-PEE 007

    Trash Bag-Gusset Bottom FlatT-Shirt Bag WPP-PEE 007

    Product Advantage Introducing the Trash Bag – Gusset Bottom Flat T-Shirt Bag, the ultimate solution for your trash disposal needs! This innovative product combines the durability of a trash bag with the convenience and versatility of a flat t-shirt bag, making it ideal for a variety of trash collection applications. Essentially, this trash bag is designed with maximum strength in mind. The gusseted bottom provides ample support for heavy loads, ensuring the bag won’t tea...
  • Trash Bag-Gusset BottomFlat Bag-WPP-PEB008

    Trash Bag-Gusset BottomFlat Bag-WPP-PEB008

    Product Advantage Introducing the new Trash Bag gusset flat bag, a revolutionary innovation in trash disposal. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, this bag is crafted from high-quality materials and designed to meet your trash bag needs while providing maximum durability. Gusset Bottom Flat Bags are made from high-quality polyethylene, which is strong and tear-resistant, making them the perfect choice for disposing of all kinds of waste. The gusseted bottom design allo...
  • The Ultimate Trash Solution – Large, Strong Trash Bags

    The Ultimate Trash Solution – Large, Strong Trash Bags

    Product Advantage Introducing the newest addition to our family of household cleaning products – the Large Garbage Bag! Our new product is the perfect solution for those who are tired of dealing with flimsy and unreliable trash bags that can’t handle your household waste.  Made from high-quality durable materials, our large trash bags are engineered for maximum strength and reliability. With capacities up to 90 gallons, our trash bags will easily hold all your household ...