Compostable Dog Poop Bag-feature item

Product Name: Biodegradable Pet Poop Bag

Features: EU certification, safe and non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly (composting conditions can be completely degraded, and eventually metabolized into water and carbon dioxide)


Pets are our good friends, family members, and we live in harmony and enjoyment.

But anyone who has ever raised pets knows that it is not easy to be a poop shoveler, especially for cat and dog owners. Sometimes how to deal with pet feces will become a big problem.

Today we introduce the biodegradable pet poop bag, an easy-to-use and environmentally friendly product, which makes the dog's journey of walking the dog no longer difficult.

Compared with traditional pet poop bags, there are 3 main differences,

1) The raw material of this biodegradable pet poop bag is completely biodegradable, composed of PBAT+STARCH+PLA, and finally decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, which is harmless to nature.

2) Our bag is designed with a built-in glove function, which is very flexible to use, and can complete the action of picking up feces with just one hand.

3) Being completely biodegradable, if you are walking the dog in the wild, after picking up and packing the pet feces, you don’t need to look for them and throw them into the trash can, you can throw them away from the path directly to avoid others stepping on the pet feces, because several months later, both the bag and the feces will decompose and return to nature, no harm to earth.

Raising pets in a civilized way is convenient for you and me. This is the self-cultivation of our pet owners, and it is also a contribution to our earth.

Biodegradable pet poop bags are a must for civilized pet raising. Welcome to consult.

Post time: Feb-27-2023