Food Safety Tips

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1. When buying food, pay attention to whether the food packaging has the manufacturer, production date, whether the shelf life has expired, whether the food raw materials and nutritional ingredients are marked, whether there is a QS mark, and you cannot buy Products with No manufacturer name, No address, No production and sanitation license code.

2. Open the food package and check whether the food has the sensory properties it should have. Do not eat food that is spoiled, rancid, mildewed, wormy, dirty, mixed with foreign matter, or has other abnormal sensory properties. If the protein food is sticky, the fat food has a howling smell, and the carbohydrate has a fermented smell. Or beverages with abnormal sediment, etc. are not edible.

3. Do not buy boxed lunches or food from unlicensed vendors to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

4. Pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands before meals and after back from the toilet, wash and disinfect tableware, do not put food in unclean containers, and do not litter to prevent mosquitoes and flies from breeding.

5. Eat less fried and smoked food.

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Food service glovessleevesapron and boot cover for the food sellers are very important to avoid the direct contact foods during working time, to assure the cleaning of foods and the health of customers.

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Post time: Jan-06-2023